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Bin-End BBQ Blow-Out | Bonnycastle Garden


Saturday July 10, 2021

    6:00 PM



    10:00 PM


Save the Date!

Members and their guests are invited to the most epic al fresco BBQ event of Summer 2021 in Bonnycastle Garden where they may savour a last taste of the season's bin end wines! Club Sommelier, Domer Rafael, will collect the wines from Manitoba Club's cellar that will soon be removed from the club's wine list (since there are only one or four selections remaining).

The cost for the evening is $200 per person* which includes pre-dinner hors d’oeuvre, sparkling wine service, dinner, bin-end wine service throughout dinner with a finale of dessert/cheese service.

Limited seating is available. Please reserve early with Arlene at T 204.942.5438 or by email.

*All prices per person. Applicable taxes and surcharge are extra.