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Membership at Manitoba Club offers many benefits and programs to members that extend outside the walls of 194 Broadway, including:?

Fine Dining, Casual Cuisine & Great Wine
The Fort Garry Gate Dining Room and the Bistro are the club’s premiere dining venues showcasing international-calibre culinary talents.

Ultra-Exclusive Private Wine Offering
The club has, at any one time, between 120–150 different wines that have been imported into the Province exclusively for Manitoba Club members.

Over 50 Member Club Events Annually
The club offers a busy, year-round calendar with a broad variety of exciting events to suit every taste.

State-of-the-Art Venue Bookings 
The club offers its members the use of its meeting and event rooms (from 5 –400  guests) at no cost.* The club is the perfect place for holiday parties, seminars, private dinners and all-day meetings.

*Manitoba Club offers its members the use of its event rooms at no cost so long as the food and beverage expenditure, in advance of taxes and surcharge, is greater than the posted rom rental.

Access to Over 150 Reciprocal Clubs
Manitoba Club offers reciprocity at over 150 private clubs worldwide.

Private Garden in Downtown Winnipeg 
Bonnycastle Garden is one of downtown Winnipeg’s finest, ground-level, outdoor spaces with lush plants and fence details to ensure private dining and views of historic Upper Fort Garry Provincial Park.

Off-Site Catering & Culinary Service
The club’s culinary and service prowess can be delivered directly to your home or office. We are pleased to cater private breakfasts, luncheons, dinners or receptions, and deliver events of distinction to the standard enjoyed within our clubhouse.

Manitoba Club Concierge Services
In partnership with our preferred suppliers and vendors, the club is pleased to offer our concierge service including town car and limousine bookings, floral arrangement design and delivery, hotel bookings and reciprocal club reservations.

Snooker League & English Billiards Club
The club offers the expertise of our billiards house professional in billiards, snooker and English billiards, for both individual and league play.

For more information regarding membership opportunities at Manitoba Club, please contact Graham Davis, General Manager, by email.