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Join a club where you will instantly feel you belong. Personalized service and attention to detail - that's our competitive advantage.

Membership at Manitoba Club comes with over 140 years of proud history and tradition. The club has evolved over the years to address our members' changing requirements and preferences. Over the last 10 years, the club has completed two major renovation projects that have redefined the member experience and re-established Manitoba Club as one of Canada's pre-eminent downtown city clubs.

We pride ourselves on offering the finest food, beverage and service in the Province of Manitoba. Our recently rejuvenated clubhouse balances the traditions of generations of members with the expectations of today's technologically advanced society. We provide the foremost venue for social interaction in the City of Winnipeg, in a relaxed and refined atmosphere that only a private club can offer its members. Membership at Manitoba Club includes:

  • Elegant dining in our remodeled Fort Garry Gate dining room
  • Upscale casual dining in the Bistro
  • Networking opportunities with Winnipeg's and Manitoba's business and community leaders
  • Exceptional gastronomy created by Executive Chef Albertino Costa
  • Eight of the most elegant and most technologically advanced meeting and event rooms in Canada
  • Wireless internet capability throughout the clubhouse
  • A wine cellar program featuring over 250 varietals, many of which have been sourced specifically for the enjoyment of our members 
  • Reciprocal privileges with over 100 private clubs worldwide
  • An extensive calendar of private member events, including club favourites such as: the Winnipeg Blue Bomber Dinner, special occasion brunches (i.e., Mother's Day, Easter, Christmas), Gentlemen's Club Dinner, Annual Women's Fashion Show and Dinner, President's Gala and many, many more!
  • Full club privileges for spouses of Resident, Non-Resident and Primary classification of members.
  • Access to the Billiards Lounge with its six antique snooker tables, in-house Billiards coordinator and organized leagues that operate throughout the year.

For more information regarding membership opportunities at Manitoba Club, please contact Graham Davis, General Manager, by email.