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Cell Phone Policy

Out of consideration for all members equally, the club’s cell phone policy is that cellular phone use will be allowed on a restrictive basis at Manitoba Club.

  • The discretional use of cellular phones will be permitted in private areas of the club.
  • Two phone booths are located on the first floor (under the Grand Staircase) and on the second floor (either side of the Oak Room entrance).
  • Cellular phones should not ring on club property. Please set on the vibrate mode if an emergency call is pending.
  • All cellular phones must be turned off before entering the Fort Garry Gate Dining Room and during club events that are specifically for the members and guests.
  • Silent messaging and email functions are acceptable in the foyer, lobby, Billiards Lounge and the Bistro.
  • When using your cellular phone, please consider other club members who are present. Use of cellular phones should be in private so as not to disturb other members.
  • Common sense should prevail.