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The food and wine philosophy of Manitoba Club is simple - perfection. From the sourcing of premium food ingredients by Executive Chef Costa, to the preparation techniques that honour centuries of culinary traditions, it is our utmost objective to ensure that our members experience a level of gastronomy of unparalled quality.

The club's wine program, currated by our in-house Sommelier and Food and Beverage Manager, Domer Rafael, ISG, encompasses in excess of 235 producers, requires the same level of care and sourcing of representative varietals, helping to ensure that our cellar remains current by today's taste preferences while respecting the palates of tradionalists. The privately labelled club wines, are an excelllent illustration of our passion for sourcing products that are deemed to be at a standard suitable to bear the crest of Manitoba Club.

You are encouraged to explore our Chefs' biographies, the Fort Garry Gate Dining Room and the Bistro pages, as well as our Wine Cellar.

Forms of Payment

As an added benefit, guests of members may pay for food and beverage purchases by MasterCard, Visa or Debit.

For more information regarding membership opportunities at Manitoba Club, please contact Graham Davis, General Manager, by email.