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Dress Code

One of the hallmarks that sets Manitoba Club apart from other clubs is the assurance that certain expectations will be met, in terms of the quality of service, staff and food. This also extends to the standards of attire for the members. It is a courtesy to others and a guarantee that any member, or their guests, can expect a respectable level of dress from others when attending the club.

Business, formal or smart casual dress for the gentlemen, and contemporary attire for the ladies will assure that you are properly dressed for every club event. Military or religious headdress is permitted in any area of the club. Shorts and sandals for gentlemen are not considered an appropriate level of attire when enjoying time at the club. Running shoes are not considered appropriate footwear (unless in the Spa).

Private Events
It is respectfully requested that a member sponsoring an event, advises all guests that denim is not encouraged, however will be tolerated, within the event rooms of the club. It is incumbent upon any member who sponsors an event hosted by another person to ensure that the Dress Code is properly enforced.

Fort Garry Gate Dining Room (Members & Invited Guests Dining Only)
A higher standard of dress is expected in the Fort Garry Gate Dining Room. Within this space, denim does not meet the criteria of expected dress. Members and guests are expected to be attired in business dress, with ties for the gentlemen being optional. During evening dinner service, gentlemen are required to wear jackets. The wearing of hats is not permitted within this area.

The Bistro, Billiards Lounge and Bonnycastle Garden (Members & Invited Guests Dining Only)
The Bistro, Billiards Lounge and Bonnycastle Garden enjoy a somewhat relaxed dress code. Although business dress is always preferred, dress denim to the caliber of Manitoba Club is acceptable in only these areas. Dress Denim is defined as high quality denim that is not frayed, worn, torn, or patched. In the Bistro, during pre-and-post Winnipeg Jets and Winnipeg Blue Bombers home game dates, game jerseys, sweaters and team t-shirts are acceptable. The wearing of hats is not permitted within the Bistro or Billiards Lounge.

If you are unsure of the dress required for an event, or particular area within the club, please contact the Reception & Membership Services Coordinator by email or at 204.942.5438.