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House Professional Greg Harder

Greg Harder,  House ProfessionalNot many people can turn a passion into a career, much less combine the two into one, but Billiards Professional, Greg Harder, has done just that, and the Manitoba Club is the better for it.

Originally Greg had chosen a much different path following his passion for teaching, by earning a Bachelor of Education from the University of Manitoba and an Industrial Arts Teacher Education Certificate from Red River College. But Greg had also been an avid pool player since he could see over the edge of the table. The perfect way to pursue both interests without sacrificing the other was to teach billiards. Greg has been a Billiards Professional since 1997.

And as such, he also competes. Very well. He's represented Manitoba as our Provincial Champion at the Canadian Snooker Championships on several occasions; is the 2010 / 2011 Canadian English Billiards Champion; International Snooker League (ISL) Snooker Singles Champion; Top Gun Snooker Singles Champion; Manitoba English Billiard Champion and Billiards Handicap Champion: Manitoba Snooker Champion and Snooker Handicap Champion. Greg also holds the Intrepid Society Snooker Leagues all time high run of 117, and has played 3 perfect games of snooker (147 run).

Recently, Greg represented Canada at the English Billiards Open Series 2011 English Open in Suffolk, England. Greg competed against the 40 finest English Billiard Players in the world, reaching the quarter finals and placing 5 though 8 in the competition.

For more information regarding our Billiards & Snooker Programs, please contact Greg Harder, Billiards & Snooker Professional, by email or telephone (204-946-3104).