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Bonnycastle Garden
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The rustle of leaves and tinkling of ice in a glass, jazz music, laughter and applause.  The tantalizing aroma of a barbecue. The muted heat of a summer evening and a cool breeze. The Bonnycastle Garden has created an exclusive and unique oasis of peace and activity in the heart of downtown Winnipeg, and transformed Manitoba Club into a true all seasons club.

Escape a summer work day with a leisurely garden lunch and start your weekends with after work cocktails at 430Friday (Happy Hour). Savour the fresh grilled delicacies of our Barbecue Nights and unwind with our summer music series. You can even book the garden for private events, such as wedding ceremonies.

For more information regarding membership opportunities at Manitoba Club, please contact Graham L. Davis, General Manager, at 204 946 3500 by email.