Sous Chef David Lawless

Manitoba Club
Executive Chef Albertino Costa
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Sous Chef David Lawless

Working side-by-side with the likes of Executive Chef Costa, Sous Chef David Lawless is proof that Winnipeg is a secretive storehouse of international caliber culinary talent. Another individual who dedicated his life to the culinary arts at a very young age, David worked as the Sous Chef at Breezy Bend Country Club, and also worked at St. Charles Country Club and the Fort Garry Hotel before joining the Manitoba Club brigade.

David graduated from Winnipeg Technical College in 2000. David then proceeded to successfully challenge his Red Seal Certification from Red River College in 2004.

Today, the Manitoba Club's evening dining program is his exclusive domain as he is responsible for, among other things, the Fort Garry Gate Dining Room and Buffalo Bistro menus.