Billiards and Snooker Leagues

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Billiards and Snooker Leagues
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Manitoba Club's Billiards Coordinator operates several snooker and billiards leagues throughout the year.

During league play, a match is three (10-red ball) frames of snooker played in a one hour and thirty-minute time slot. Player(s) are awarded one point for each game won and a half point for a split game. At the end of each session the points are tallied; taking into consideration all matches played and awarded points due to the un-played matches.

For league play, each player is assessed a handicap that helps to level the playing field and offer more balanced games. League rules indicate that a total of six matches need to be played before a player or team is eligible for a play-off spot or before their handicap will be considered for adjustment. Handicap changes are based solely on matches played and point earned during the league season. If points earned is less than one-third of achievable points, a loss of three points (based on 10-red ball handicaps) would be recommended. If points earned is in the top one-third of achievable points than a gain of three points would be recommended. Player handicaps are changed by the recommendation of the Billiards Coorindator in consultation with the Billiards Committee.

Player Instruction and Lessons

Do you feel intimidated by 72 square feet of green felt? Would you like to sharpen your game or simply better learn the rules and traditions of the spherical arts? Manitoba Club's Billiards Coorindator is pleased to offer private or group lessons at very reasonable rates. Please contact the club by email by telephone 204 946 5438, ext. 3104. New members to the club automatically receive one complimentary lesson with our Billiards Coorindator.

Monday Evenings - Practice and Casual Instruction

Each Monday the Billiards Room is available for members to practice their game. During this time, our Billiards Coordinator is available on-site to recommend specific drills and provides casual instruction. On many occasions members have to opportunity to pick up a game during this time.

Tuesday Evenings - Singles League

The Tuesday Evening League operates with fall and winter sessions and is a very active singles league for competitive and novice players. Tuesday evening sessions start each week at 5:00 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.

Wednesday Evenings - Singles League

The Wednesday Evening League operates with fall, winter and spring sessions and offers singles play for both competitive and novice players. Wednesday evening sessions start each week at 6:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

Saturday Mornings - Doubles League

The Saturday Morning League operates with fall and winter sessions and offers doubles play for competitive and novice players. Saturday morning sessions include complimentary continental breakfast with session starting each week at 8:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.

For more information regarding our Billiards & Snooker Programs, please contact our Billiards Coorindator, by email or telephone (204 946 5438, ext. 3104).