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Winnipeg's Most Exclusive Wine Offering

The club's private wine offering has over 300 different wines (reds, whites, roses and bubblies) not otherwise available for sale in the Province of Manitoba. These wines are available for you to enjoy when at the club (with the typical $25 corkage fee or $10 corkage fee for wine locker subscribers). The wines are also available for enjoyment away from the club as a result of our special arrangement with a private wine store. Each wine will be displayed in the lobby cabinet with a price point, similar to how they would be priced if sold in a private wine store or a MLCC Liquor Mart.

Simply contact Sommelier, Domer Rafael, or General Manager, Graham Davis and they will be happy to assist you with recommendations for mixed cases of wine or selections appropriate for any occasion! The full wine offering can reviewed on the private side of the club's website in an interactive format with descriptions, wine scores from leading publications, prices and allocation at the time the wine was released to the program.

A view from the lobby of the redevloped space with wine lockers and wine display cabinetry to the right of the Grand Staircase.

Private Member Wine Lockers

Our 54 private wine lockers are currently fully subscribed. Please contact contact Sommelier, Domer Rafael, or General Manager, Graham Davis, to join the wine locker wait list.

A view of the wine lockers from the Grand Staircase.